Club Health Assessments 

Why do a Club Health Assessment?

The Club Health Assessment is intended to be a club-driven tool to be completed as part of "regular maintenance". The benefits are below: 

1. Promotes open and honest dialogue among club members about various aspects of the club
2. Helps you identify your club's strengths and areas for improvement  
3. Helps you make a plan for addressing any issues and planning for the future 
4. Helps you identify Kin Canada resources that your club can make use of 
5. Provides you with a tool to track your club's overall health over time
6. Helps your Deputy Governor and Governor track the overall health of the Zones and District  

Tip: don't wait until something is wrong to use to Club Health Assessment. Ideally, you should consider it a proactive and regular "checkup" each year—just like going to the doctor for your annual physical. 

Consider planning to complete the assessment at the start and the end of the Kin year or at a time that works best for your club.  

Completing the Club Health Assessment

There are two ways to complete the Club Health Assessment: 

Option 1: Complete the Club Health Assessment using the fillable pdf version

Option 2: Complete the online version. Select your District below to begin:  

District 1  
District 2  
District 3  
District 4
District 5  
District 6  
District 7  
District 8

Note: the online version will be submitted directly to your District Club Support Director so be sure to select the correct District if you are opting to use the online version.  

Simply email the link to all of your members and ask them to complete the online form/assessment. This option allows the members to remain anonymous if they choose. Your District Club Support Director will evaluate the results for you and provide recommendations unless you make a different plan with them. You could also ask them to make time to visit your club (or arrange a DG visit) if possible to discuss the results in person. 

Club Health Assessment Webinars

Please see for a list of upcoming Club Health Assessment webinars.