Kin Canada Bursaries

About Kin Canada Bursaries 

Kin Canada Bursaries is a program of the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund (HREF) that is open to students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Students do not need to be a member of Kin Canada to be eligible for the award. 

Because Kin Canada Bursaries is a public program, please see HREF and Bursaries on the public site for more information. 

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Thanks to your donations, 1214 students across Canada have been given the financial support they need to follow their dreams.

You've have made it possible for students to overcome personal and financial barriers and have helped prevent them from having to choose between text books, food, and housing.  

We need your help to continue making a difference in students' lives. Personal donations are tax deductible. 

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Important Dates

Oct 1Bursary application available 
Dec 1 - HREF Board of Trustees application due
Feb 1 – Students' applications due to clubs
Mar 1 – Club endorsed applications due to
Jun 30 – Deadline for HREF Ambassador of Learning Award

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The more donations the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund receives, the more students the Kin Canada Bursaries program can help! 

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Submitting a club endorsed bursary

This is a brief overview – for full details refer to the Bursary Program Guide.
1. Create a Bursary Selection Committee to review and evaluate all student applications that were submitted by the due date of February 1st (or post-marked by February 1st) using the Bursary Evaluation Form and Tips for Bursary Candidate Selection.
NOTE: It is imperative that clubs do not start the review process until after the February 1st deadline to ensure all applicants who have met the submission deadline will be given equal consideration. 

2. Select one* qualified application to be forwarded to Kin Canada Bursaries. 
*NOTE: you may select, endorse and submit two applications if your club received 20 or more applications. Also, any club that donates $2,500 in a single Kin year (July 1 to June 30) will be granted a “Preferred Bursary Submission” the following year, meaning that they can submit an extra application per $2500 donated in addition to their regular submission. Any Preferred Bursary Submissions that qualify for the final scoring round will be automatically awarded. 

3. Once the committee has selected a suitable applicant, it must be approved at a club meeting.

4. Please ensure that the “Club Endorsement” section on the front of the application is fully completed and signed by the club president (if club president is related to applicant then another club executive member should sign). It is very important that all contact information is included, so that we may notify clubs about bursary winners.

5. Scan and email the endorsed bursary application to no later than March 1. If you are unable to scan and email, you may mail ONE copy to: 

Kin Canada Bursaries, 
c/o Kin Canada
P.O. Box 3460, 
Cambridge, ON N3H 5C6

Notification From Club to Applicants

1. Using the letter template, notify the applicant chosen that their application was endorsed by the Club and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for consideration. 
NOTE: Selection at the Club level is the first step; it does not guarantee a bursary.

2. Using the unsuccessful candidate letter template, notify all unsuccessful applicants and encourage them to re-apply next year if they meet the criteria.

Notification From National to Clubs/Applicants

If the applicant forwarded by your Club is chosen to receive a bursary, your Club will have the honour of arranging for media coverage and presenting your local candidate with the bursary on behalf of Kin Canada Bursaries.

1. The Board of Trustees will notify Clubs, via phone, by May 30 if their endorsed bursary applicant was successful.

2. Successful applicants and their sponsoring Clubs will be notified in writing by June 30.

3. Your Club will be notified in writing by June 30 if your endorsed applicant was not chosen to receive a bursary. We ask that you notify the applicant and encourage them to apply next year if they meet the criteria.

Resources for Clubs

Find information and resources to help you review incoming applications and select the ones that you will put forward to the HREF Board of Trustees. 


Contact for assistance.