Incorporation Information for Clubs in Ontario

*new process as of October 19, 2021

The New ONCORP service for Ontario business and not for profits replaces incorporation filing with Revenue Canada, schedule 546…). This new online registry is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and makes it easy to interact with the government. Businesses and not-for-profit corporations can complete over 90 transactions through the new online registry, including registering a new business and dissolving an existing one. Please see "Important Information Regarding the New Ontario Corporations Act" below for more information. 

If you are registering for the first time, you will use "813410-Civil and Social Organization" when asked to enter your Primary Activity Number. 
If you are registering for your "key", you are not able to use a P.O box when applying. 

NOTE: Starting October 28, 2023 the ONe-Key login method will no longer be available for access. If you previously logged into your ServiceOntario Account using ONe-Key, you will need to migrate your account over to My Ontario Account by creating or using an existing My Ontario Account and selecting "yes" when prompted about migration.

Important Information to Review: 

Corporate Status Booklets - for all provinces EXCEPT Ontario 

Please use the following booklets to learn how to incorporate your club.

Note: Some provincial governments allow you to register online, while others require you to print and fill out their forms. Follow the instructions carefully.

Registries by Province


Contact Melanie Nieson or the Registry in your province for assistance.